Final Workshop

--> About InTraDE project

InTraDE (Intelligent Transportation for Dynamic Environment) contributes in designing a new concept of Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, able to handle and routing autonomously the freight transport in confined spaces of regional ports from North West Europe.

The technological challenge issued from InTraDE consists on proposing a safe, clean and efficient transport system which can easily be adapted to the existing port infrastructure, using different piloting modes.

The aim is to improve significantly the traffic flow and the port logistics using sustainable solutions. InTraDE is the visible example of applied research for the interest of regional development.

Main Communication Video (2012)

Demonstration in Polytech’Lille, University of Lille1 (France) (Sep. 2014)

Demonstration in port of Oostende (Belgium) (Oct. 2013)

Demonstration in port of Dublin (Ireland) (Jul. 2013)

Traffic Management on Dublin Port Terminal Using IAV based on FlexSim, LOOM, University of Liverpool (UK) (Jun. 2013)

Real-Time simulation of Platoon of IAV based on SCANeR Studio

--> Main Objectives

  • To study traffic flow within confined spaces of container terminals and develop an insight into the factors influencing the overall productivity of such facilities, and to investigate existing traffic control methods and develop new methods where necessary to improve efficiency whilst ensuring safety.

  • To identify automatic navigation methods and develop new algorithms for robust supervision, and to investigate practical issues in implementing automatic navigation system in container terminals.

  • To develop an automatic traffic time-domain simulator for autonomous and human driven-vehicles within the terminals and to carry out a design case study of terminal layout using the simulator.

  • To design, test and validate intelligent transport vehicle prototypes with dynamic environments inside confined spaces or combined urban-confined spaces.